What the heck is a RAMP?

Ahhhh, stinky yet delicious! A true “delicacy” of odoriferous proprotions! The “sultan” of “smell!”   Known for everything from a spring tonic to cleanse the blood and help to lowering cholesterol…to the ability to make the basic fried potato a gourmet delight worthy of Emeril Lagasse himself. RAMPS…but just what the heck is a RAMP?  or “Allium . . . Read More>

Secret symbols of hobos…

My granddaughter Gracie showed me how to use “emoticons” when texting…you know, those little symbols that “say” something without using words.  It’s fun… kind of like a secret language!   Sometimes I’ll get a text from her that will just be those symbols…like a secret message just between us! I thought that this was some new . . . Read More>

Birthing a BLOG

BLOG:  noun  1.  a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis Interesting. Well, obviously I have a website or you wouldn’t be reading this and I definitely have “opinions”…lots and lots of them! But…do I “link” to other sites…I guess we will have to see . . . Read More>

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