Artist Spotlight…the amazing Kristine Kennedy!

  Once upon a time, on a tiny little island…there was a girl who searched for seashells by the seashore.  No, her name wasn’t “Sally” as in the “Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore” fame.     Her name is Kristine.     Kristine Kennedy…yes, like “those” Kennedys….distant cousins I am sure! Ok – back . . . Read More>

What the heck is a RAMP?


Ahhhh, stinky yet delicious! A true “delicacy” of odoriferous proprotions! The “sultan” of “smell!”   Known for everything from a spring tonic to cleanse the blood and help to lowering cholesterol…to the ability to make the basic fried potato a gourmet delight worthy of Emeril Lagasse himself. RAMPS…but just what the heck is a RAMP?  or “Allium . . . Read More>

Secret symbols of hobos…

Barking Dog

My granddaughter Gracie showed me how to use “emoticons” when texting…you know, those little symbols that “say” something without using words.  It’s fun… kind of like a secret language!   Sometimes I’ll get a text from her that will just be those symbols…like a secret message just between us! I thought that this was some new . . . Read More>

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