Learn To Give Batteries A New Lease Of Life

Batteries are expensive. They also have a habit of running out at just the wrong time.

The remote stops working just as you need to change the channel to your favorite show, or the games controller stops responding just as you’re about to take care of that big boss. Whenever a battery decides to fail, it’s annoying!

We all know the feeling of scrambling around in the drawers to try and find replacement batteries, and everyone knows what it’s like to be nagged because a favorite toy is no longer working as it should. Unless you’re made of money or have won the lottery, the chances are you know that sinking feeling of having to head the the shop to buy more.

If you’ve got time, a typical online price for 4 AA batteries at amazon might be just three or four dollars for a decent brand, but more often than that you’ll need them right away, so the local store are likely to sting you for considerably more – sometimes as much as twice the price. That’s just common AA batteries too – if they’re the more expensive varieties, it can set you back a lot more.

The problem also comes from the sheer number of these we get through. Estimates suggest that the USA powers its way through over three billion a year, weighing in at around 200,000 tons. What’s more, around half of those are also single use too – or are they?

There’s a really popular technique that you might have heard of relating to getting a longer life out of batteries – whether that’s common household types, car batteries, laptop batteries or any others you care to think about. It’s surprisingly straightforward, and that probably explains why its so popular and spreading so fast too. It’s certainly not foolproof and going to save every battery that’s heading for the trashcan, but it’s got a remarkably good track record, and you can read a lot more about it here at ezbatteryreconditioning.review.

If you can even do a small amount with this remarkable technique and cut your battery costs in half, that’s a huge saving, worth hundreds and perhaps even thousands of dollars every year to your family.

No-one’s suggesting it’s a silver bullet to never buying a battery again (the site we mentioned a second ago makes that very clear too), but it does open up a whole world of possibilities. Would you be able to help your friends save hundreds of dollars too? Perhaps they’d be happy to pay you for battery reconditioning – after all, if you’re saving them hundreds of dollars, twenty or even fifty bucks is hardly a big ask. Maybe you’ll just be that helpful friend doing them a favor, who knows?

Regardless of whether you want to make a buck or two for yourself, its about a lot more than money. We all know that it’s bad to send expired batteries to landfill due to the chemicals that can leak out into the ground, but recycling them isn’t always easy either. That’s why giving them a chance to serve you again and again is just such a great idea. Environmentally friendly changes to behaviors and things that save you money rarely come along together, so its easy to see why this is such a great thing.

Of course, there’s never any guarantees, but the success rates people are seeing are truly remarkable. You don’t really need to use the knowledge that often or even have much success to recoup your investment, so from that perspective there’s very little to lose. Therefore it really comes down to whether you’ve got the time to put a few minutes into saving your family hundreds of dollars a year. For most households that’s going to be a resounding yes!

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Harper’s Ferry Returns To Port

We’ve been away for too long, but our vintage lady is back with a lot to share.

After a couple of years of globe trotting, we’ve found a new lease of life, complete with fresh inspirations from a diverse set of cultures that we never knew existed.

We’ve been beavering away since our return on a new set of designs to decorate the ferry from scratch, and we’re really excited to welcome visitors back on board once opening day comes around.

It’s not exactly going to be unrecognisable to our veterans, but it’s certainly going to be a surprise and might just raise a few eyebrows!

Stay tuned.

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