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The Vintage Lady is Having a Party!

And YOU are Invited! The Vintage Lady is having a SCARF Extravaganza It’s a “WRAP” Party! SCARVES –  they are all the rage!  They add a splash of color to an otherwise drab outfit……they give a t-shirt and jeans the WOW factor…..and they soften that hard-working business suit.  Scarves provide a ton of variety to […] Read more…

The Vintage Lady Thanks a Teacher

The Vintage Lady Thanks A Teacher To Teach is to Touch Lives Mrs. Rayme Kessel, ……..you might not recognize her name, but I bet you have someone like her in your memories.  She was one of many teachers who truly touched my life.  Mrs. Kessel was my second grade teacher – you know, that important […] Read more…

Oh, The West Virginia Hills ~ How Majestic and How Grand!

Oh, The West Virginia Hills ~ How Majestic and How Grand! “Take Me Home, Country Roads” West Virginia – WOW –  she has it all!!  From spectacular mountains waiting to be hiked to beautiful rivers waiting to be fished…..to little towns with funky names like Big Ugly, Looneyville, and Left Hand. West Virginia is also […] Read more…

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